How to Tell if Your Beer is Infected

A common worry of all new homebrewers is the fear of having an infected batch of beer. The fermentation process can look very strange and sometimes even an unnatural process. A lot is going

Best Beer Growler

Lately the craft beer scene has been exploding and the use of growlers is becoming more and more popular. If you consider yourself a beer enthusiast you most likely own or at least have

Fining Beer With Gelatin

There is nothing more disappointing then finishing brewing your beer and having it come out hazy and cloudy. While some breweries purposely produce these hazy styled beers, many people still prefer a clearer beer. 

How to Dry and Store Hops

Eating something you grew yourself is so much more satisfying than buying it from a store. The same is true with growing your own hops and brewing beer with them. You get a much

Best pH Meter for Brewing

As you become a more experienced homebrewer you will naturally want to start experimenting with the brewing process. Most people start with making small changes to each batch trying to improve it anyway possible.

Why Homebrewers Need a Mash Paddle

When it comes to brewing an all-grain beer, there are small differences compared to extract brewing. One key difference is the grain usage – extract brew uses a grain extract while all-grain uses the

How to Sanitize Beer Bottles

After your beer is done fermenting the final step is to store it. There are two ways you can go about doing this. You can either keg the beer or bottle it. Both of

Hydrometer vs. Refractometer – Which is Better for Homebrewers?

On the surface both hydrometers and refractometers may seem similar, but there are several differences between these two tools. While both tools measure the specific gravity of your beer, they each do it using

Best Conical Fermenter for Homebrewing

For the fermentation process you used to only have two choices, a bucket or a carboy. Both were acceptable ways to ferment your beer and they both had their own advantages and disadvantages. However,

How Long Does it Take to Brew Beer?

If you are looking into brewing your own beer, you most likely have tons of questions about the brewing process. I remember when I was first starting out the very first question I had